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The Ogden Dunes Times

We Are A Small Newspaper Company Based Out Of Ogden Dunes (OD) And Thats Where We Get Our Name

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We are a small company based out of Ogden Dunes, IN. We are a small town with about 600 families and we bring the news, Nothing Can Stop Us Not Even Covid 19


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Tavas Lattimer

President And Founder

Hello This Is Tavas, The President And Founder Of The Ogden Dunes Times

Soren Jensen

Head Of Management

Hey This Is Soren, The Company Manager And Designer For The Ogden Dunes Times

Marcus Whiteside

Vice President

Hi! Its Marcus, The Vice President Of The Ogden Dunes Times

Ami Newport

Management Assistant

Hey This Is Ami The Management Assistant Of The Ogden Dunes Times

Henry Brown


Sup? This Is Henry, The Ogden Dunes Times Secretary

Oliver Nelson


Yo! Its Ollie, The Ogden Dunes Times Webmaster

Declan Killroy

Comic Guy

Hello! Its Declan, The Comic Guy For The Ogden Dunes Times